Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Women are indispensable," and other nuggets from Cleverbot

So I just finished listening to the latest RadioLab episode about artificial intelligence, and decided to take Cleverbot (AI you can chat with) out for a spin on some of my favorite topics. It doesn't seem to process more than the immediate line of conversation to come up with a response, so they're sort of wonderful one-liners. Here are my favorite exchanges:

Me: How should women give birth?
Cleverbot: For every person, human or robot, the answer is different.

Me: What do you think about women who give birth at home?
Cleverbot: Women are indispensable.

Me: Do you think the rate of cesarean births is a problem?
Cleverbot: Only when I'm sober and you?

Me: Do you have a uterus?
Cleverbot: Yes.
Me: What do you do with your uterus?
Cleverbot: Talk, play, hang out.

Me: Should midwives be allowed to practice?
Cleverbot: You really should. You guys would be great for each other.

Me: How should women give birth?
Cleverbot: You should trust me.
(Typical technocrat..)

And finally...

Me: How can we address the disparities in access to midwifery care?
Cleverbot: Love bridges all gaps. We will find a way.

My only editing of the exchanges was to change "User" to "Me" so that it would be easier for our readers here to quickly track what's what, and to capitalize the "I" in "Only when I'm sober" because.. I just couldn't help myself.

Feel free to try your luck with Cleverbot and post any good ones in the comments!

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  1. For sure the last question and answer was right on!