Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Baby Project on NPR

Putting it out there for those of you plugged in with a lot of pregnant mamas:
"This summer, NPR is looking for expectant mothers to be part of a special project where we document that final month leading to delivery.
If your due date is mid-July and you'd like to be considered for our Baby Project, please fill out the form below.
We're looking for the most compelling stories to feature, so please describe what makes your family, pregnancy or delivery plan interesting or unique."
The Baby Project

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gloria Lemay's Classes

I start my official midwifery training tomorrow at Midwives College of Utah, but this past Thursday, I started a series of online classes taught through WizIQ by renowned Canadian midwife Gloria Lemay. This course was on postpartum hemorrhage and we learned so many great tips, plus had the chance to ask questions and learn from Gloria's many years of experience. The best part about the classes is that you can have as many people as you want per computer, so if you got a group together, they can be quite inexpensive. Gloria is so generous with her time and knowledge, and I took pages of notes on tips and tricks she's picked up from the years she's attended births and the research she has done. The classes only last an hour every Thursday night, and they cover very specific topics. Next week, for example, is all about meconium staining.

It is important to me to learn directly from other midwives, and I think we must treasure the living resources we have available to us. Not everyone can make it to Vancouver to meet Gloria, or afford travel expenses and childcare to attend a conference where such luminaries might be, but this online learning is an excellent way to learn from the masters.

Have any of you ever taken these classes with Gloria? I highly recommend them!