Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flag me down at Midwifery Today!

For those of you who happen to be attending the Midwifery Today conference this week in Eugene, please feel free to flag me down and introduce yourself! I'm afraid I don't have great current photos available of myself but this will have to do...

I probably won't be reading a mirror-image copy of Бульдог и Таксик with baby chew marks on it, and my hair looks kind of different, but that's pretty much my face.. so, you know, look for it and say hi! It would be delightful to meet some readers in real life, and if you're thinking about becoming a contributor all the better - I can woo you with my charm. (I'm totally not charming!) But you know, with everything so digitized and distancing it's a breath of air to have a little of that human connection.

I have to admit that I already have a tight knot in my stomach about the logistics of my children's needs balanced out against not wanting to miss such great and charismatic folks that do such important work and who are here for such a brief window.

I'm signed up for some interesting talks and workshops, but I'm most curious to hear what the main conference talks will discuss with the conference tag line topic of "Gentle Birth Is a Human Rights Issue." I do hope to hear the disparities in access to midwifery care getting some air time.

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