Thursday, March 10, 2011

Calling new contributors

The trouble with a collaborative blog of student midwives is that you have a collaborative blog of people who don't really have time to write very often, who may prefer to roll up their sleeves and get into the mess of life, and who may - just possibly - have their heads in the clouds on occasion.

So, erm, are there any more of you out there?

For me the beauty of a collaboration is that in the collision of different and sometimes disparate perspectives, we are all enriched. So whether you favor hospital, birth center or home birth, whether you believe in regulation or in outlaw midwifery, whether you believe in active management or active hand-sitting - you are invited. You can cozy into the collective without worrying about self-promotion, or having to shoulder the burden of producing content alone, or having to stand stark and naked with the exposure an unpopular opinion (you might still be naked, but you won't the stark when you're with peers.) I find that comforting, anyway. Plus I'm tired of the me-me-me of the internet. I want to move the discourse forward, be enriched, and bring something useful to the table - not just create another popularity-craving cyber-identity. Neither the world nor my ego needs that!

(Are you sold yet?)

So, consider yourself invited. Join the conversation, and may we all be changed and improved in the process. Contact Katy - - if you're interested!

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