Monday, September 13, 2010

Where I am, How I got Here, and Where I am Going

My name is Dy. I have been a practicing doula and childbirth educator since 2002. I was always drawn to the wonder of birth and was able to witness my first miracle at the age of 11. I am the mother of four children born at a hospital and at home. All four attended by midwives. Their births have helped me to realize the potential of what I am capable and focus the importance of everything I believe.
While getting my Bachelors degree in Psychology I once again found myself drawn to the miracle of pregnancy and birth. I focused my study on issues of pregnancy and human and child development. After the birth of my first child I trained and Certified with Doulas of North America (DONA) as a birth doula. I soon became a Childbirth and Post Partum Association (CAPPA) and Bradley Method (AAHCC) certified childbirth educator. I have been honored to attend over 50 births as a doula and have taught dozens of couples. My experience includes home, birth center and hospital births, women who chose medicated and unmedicated births, as well as births attended by doctors and midwives.
In 2008 I was given the privilege of coming to train under a wonderful preceptor. In that period of time I have learned so much about the physical and emotional care of the family in the prenatal, birth, and postpartum time period. In addition to the hands on experience I get by attending prenatals, births and postpartum appointments I am actively perusing my midwifery education in many different ways including: a distance midwifery education outline of study material and projects, active participation and establishment of a local study group for midwifery apprentices, as well as hundreds of hours of individual studying, reading and discussions with Laura and other birth professionals. I plan to end my apprenticeship with serving at a high volume birth center where I can get even more experience with higher risk pregnancies and issues that are rarely dealt with for those who birth at home in our community such as suturing and deep suctioning of the newborn etc. I plan to sit for the NARM exam (the national certifying exam for midwives in the United States) within the next two years giving me the use of the title Certified Professional Midwife. I am to the point in my training that I am taking clients as a primary midwife under supervision. Meaning I provide all aspects of care with my preceptor there in a supervisory role. I get the benefit of learning what it is to truly have the responsibility of being a midwife while the clients have the benefit of a highly motivated and attentive midwife. We are a great team and we love what we do and the women we serve.
I believe that a woman has an innate ability to birth her baby. It is a normal physiological process not a medical event. Women are often astounded by the options around them when they are nearing their time of birth. I believe that when women are given all their options, they will choose what is right for the health of their baby. I believe those present should trust the woman to know what is best for her and her baby. This leads to a sense of satisfaction and responsibility which follows them through the rest of their life. I believe in the value of women in service of other women.
There are many factors that play into a woman's choice for her birth. Her emotional, physical, and psychological well being should be taken into account and her wishes supported. Not fear, but understanding and intuition should be the motivating factors for her choices. I believe all women have the right of loving support from her partner and if she desires a doula. This is not a change she must undergo alone.
My goal as a doula or educator is to provide women the skills and knowledge they need to have the birth they desire. I believe birth is an amazing normal and natural experience and the birthing mother should be treated that way as well.
My goal as a midwife is to protect the sanctity of the birth and post partum experience. It is such a fragile time in life. It should be enjoyed and supported by those who are in attendance. The attending midwife should respect the natural birth process and provide her clients with the emotional, physical, and clinical support they need. My believe is that a midwife is a life guard for the birth process only there in case they are needed with an deep understanding that birth is a normal event.

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