Friday, September 24, 2010

When Inspiration is Lagging

posted by Katy
I've been slacking off on my blogging. I have frequently sat down to write, its been on my to-do list, I've thought through a few blogs, but somehow the inspiration is lacking; not just the inspiration to blog, but the midwifery inspiration in general. So I decided to just sit and write a rambling blog in which I will find some inspiration.

Among the things that awe me about midwifery is its ancient history. I turn to the biblical story of Shiphrah and Puah the Hebrew midwives that maintained their integrity, doing what was right, despite the Pharaoh's command to kill all of the male Hebrew babies. The midwives stayed true to those they served, the oppressed, the powerless, in the face of the great power of the Pharaoh. Even in the very early days, midwives were spiritual, connected to God. Here's a lovely image that I shamelessly borrowed from this website.

The calla lilies are beautiful symbols of fertility in both Christian and Greek religion. Diego Rivera painted some of my favorite representations of lilies, one of which hung in one of my clinical sites. On particularly boring days when the routine-ness of the work we were doing became particularly insipid, these painting reminded me that birth is beautiful because its both miraculous and mundane.
Okay enough sappiness for now!

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