Monday, April 4, 2011

Update: Forum for Creation of National Coalition of Student Midwives (or whatever)

There is now a forum up for discussing the formation of this new Coalition of Student Midwives or whatever it is going to be called for those who want to participate in midwifing it, so to speak. It is here:

From the inaguaral post by Jeramie Peacock of SQUAT Birth Journal:
"The group (council/coalition/federation/ whatever) as I understand it enters into existence consciously leaving behind any sort of descriptive term (nurse, lay, license, direct-entry) before the word midwife as this division does not necessarily serve the next/future generation of midwives... All of the issues the group will explore in my opinion must be inclusive. We need to acknowledge issues such as barriers to midwifery for women of color/ lower economic brackets, issues of gender/ birth work, culturally appropriate care and training, etc. These issues are equally relevant in my mind to the creation of a Student's Bill of rights (one of the things discussed in the MT session in Eugene)."


  1. Thanks Tatiana for putting this out. It will be interesting to see how things develop

  2. I updated the link because THANKFULLY they moved it to a different platform - that first forum was a nightmare.

  3. yeah sorry about that first one, it was a bit of a jumbled freaking mess. ning seems to be working well though, eh? thanks for posting.

  4. Hehe, yeah it was like the 90s all over again.