Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lack of Support for Birth Trauma in the United States

There is a huge misfortune occurring to women and babies in this society. Birth trauma is greatly misunderstood and rarely believed to be a problem. Other countries such as England and Australia have well organized groups to help combat and heal from this real problem. Too often women who have suffered a traumatic birth are told to "just move on", to "get over it" to "take accountability for their choices", that "they have a healthy baby so what is the big deal". This is demeaning to women and our culture as a whole. How a woman and baby experiences birth is trans formative for their family and society as a whole. I have no doubt that if more births were gentle and peaceful the family unit would be as well.

After my own traumatic birth(see took so much work and healing to come to a place where I felt like I could parent and welcome another child (see
My experiences were transformative. The healing was powerful. I feel the need to help other women come to a place of peace and healing regarding their own births.

I have several plans in motion and encourage my sisters in birth to consider taking similar strides in their communities and practice.
*I have started a local support group for birth trauma.

*I am attending a series of trainings over the next three years to become a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing (see as a way to help even more women and other people dealing with trauma in their lives.

*I am also involved in the rebuilding of a internationally well known childbirth education organization to add a birth trauma prevention and healing component to their instructor training.

*I also make it my life goal to respect the women that I work with and if trauma does occur, because sometimes it does regardless of how careful we are, that their feelings will be taken seriously and resources provided for healing.

I encourage practitioners and those working on healing trauma to also visit and support this organization.

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